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Power outages can happen any time, for different reasons and we can least expect when the next major outage is going to happen. If we have planned loads of work to be done and an outage of only a few hours can drastically affect the outcome expected.

With many natural calamities, rainfall, and other unplanned events we are experiencing more power breaks happening more often and seem to last longer than before. Having a generator that can run for days or weeks without fail has become a necessity to keep the productivity on and save a great deal of money.

If you are choosing the best generator for your home or company and researching for the most efficient generator, read on to understand why diesel generators are the most preferred in the market. With diesel generators, you pay a bit more upfront but a lot less in fuel, service, and maintenance.

Diesel generators are also safer, quieter, and last over 20 times longer. These generators can be used full-time when needed. The New diesel technology engines are 95% cleaner than they were in the past and make less noise and do not cost more when you add everything up. Diesel power generators also cost less to install with needed warranties and are the most reliable.

Why is Diesel Generators Most Efficient?

Diesel generators are the most efficient generators as compared to Natural Gas or Propane gas that are usually used for cooking and heating. Furnaces burn fuel to create heat and thus engines that use natural gas or propane lose almost 65% of the fuel energy as heat and are less than 35% efficient. However, Diesel fuel contains a lot more energy than propane and natural gas, and the engines that use them are far more efficient. We tend to use very little fuel, making them the least expensive fuel source for powering a generator.

Other than the fuel cost, diesel’s efficiency is also because it plays a significant role in increasing the generator’s quality and lifespan. Diesel-powered engines are simple engines with few parts and need no spark plugs, carburetor, or ignition systems to be maintained. They need an oil change every 500 hours, unlike others that need every 100-hours. Most of the diesel power generators last well over 15 to 20 thousand hours.

Diesel generators make less noise as they run at half the speed. They are also the cheapest in fuel cost and consumption. Diesel fuel is more like oil and also helps to lubricate and cool fuel injectors while other fuels are solvents that break down oil.

Diesel-powered generators are a safer option over natural gas and propane generators that create carbon monoxide gas. Diesel produces 98% less of such deadly gases.

Diesel fuel is also less explosive, so utility companies will not have to worry about fire accidents as compared to other gas-powered generators. In events such as fires, floods, or earthquakes one does not have to manually shut off the generator for fire safety purposes.

Diesel fuel is also the best choice for fuel safety and storage with fewer maintenance worries.

The only commonly noticed diesel fuel issue is that of water condensation which can be easily mitigated using a quality fuel-water separator. Most of the diesel generators have these installed in them and the diesel fuel, therefore, is capable of being stored in a sealed container for years without being degraded.

Best Diesel Power Generators in Hyderabad

Hope this article has helped you understand the advantages of having a diesel-powered generator and you are now armed with more information to make a better choice in the purchase of your next generator. But if you are wondering where to make that purchase and trying to find the best diesel generator suppliers in Hyderabad, BS Power solutions should be your next stop.

BS Power Solutions is a Hyderabad based organization with more than 12 years of experience in the supply & service of Diesel Power Generators of various brands and capacities. We have a great reputation in the market for our high standards in Design & Supply, Project execution, After Sales & Renting, and seamless service. We are the leading suppliers and service providers of robust and reliable power generating sets across a range of clientele including renowned Hospitals, Hotels, Industries, and Commercial & Residential Complexes in the Hyderabad area. Our experience and standards of delivering the best can rest assured you to be provided with the best in service, quality, dependability, and satisfaction.

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